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At Brenner Global Associates, our vast U.S. and overseas experience allows us to accommodate the complex needs of our individual and business tax clients no matter where they are located. Because we recognize the broad needs of our clients, we provide a large array of services and U.S. tax expertise to meet those needs. We specialize in multi-state and U.S. international taxation. 

Our individual tax services focus on the needs of U.S.-based individuals and U​.S. expatriate communities worldwide. Our business tax services similarly focus on the tax planning and filing needs of our U.S.-based and overseas small and medium-size business clients. We prepare trust, estate and gift tax returns and prepare valuations of assets and businesses necessary for tax purposes. 

Our firm utilizes software from various providers to remain abreast of the latest tax law changes and trends, to research tax issues, to gather information and to prepare and file returns. We offer an internet-based secure file transfer option that provides a safe method for you to send us your sensitive tax documents no matter where you are located worldwide. We offer free e-filing, or paper filing options if your return does not qualify for e-filing. We can also represent you before the Internal Revenue Service or state tax authorities as needed. We can help you navigate the complexities of individual and business tax law through our tax planning services to help you structure your financial transactions to achieve the greatest tax advantage.

Accounting for Taxes


Accounting For Taxes

In order to file a business tax return and file tax forms, business must first complete their accounting.  We help businesses of all sizes with accounting for taxes, including preparation of various sets of books for tax purposes, and tax provisions for accounting purposes. 

Business Foreign Reporting


Foreign Reporting Compliance

Businesses with operations outside the U.S. must report their activities.  We assist with gathering the necessary information to report on Forms such as 5471, 8865, 926, 8833, 8858 and many others.

Certifying Acceptance Agent

Certifying Acceptance Agents

In order to process United States individual tax returns, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) for certain resident, non-resident aliens, spouses and dependent children.

Foreign Reporting Compliance

Individual Foreign Reporting Compliance

Often tax returns are not complete unless additional reporting and disclosures are included, either within the tax return package or as separate filings.  We prepare FBARs, Forms 8938, foreign trust forms (3520 and 3520-A), and many other forms. We assist with streamline procedures for late filers.


Valuations for Tax Purposes

Frequently, a valuation by a qualified person is required to support the value of large gifts or assets in an estate.  We are credentialed to prepare asset valuations for tax purposes, and we are familiar with many tax issues and court cases surrounding these specialized valuations.

Individuals Expatriate Tax Services


Expatriate Tax Services

U.S. expatriates face a variety of unique tax and financial planning issues. Unlike many countries, the U.S. imposes worldwide taxation on its citizens and U.S. green card holders.  We can assist with claiming the foreign earned income exclusion and foreign tax credits.


Tax Planning

Individuals and businesses should not pay any more tax than required.  Regular tax planning helps ensure that taxes are paid on-time and in the proper amounts.  We prepare quick estimates for most every client, and can also prepare comprehensive tax plans.

Tax Representation Services

Tax Representation Services

When a business or individual is selected for examination by U.S. federal, state, or local tax authorities, we can assist.  We have extensive experience settling tax disputes, representing clients dealing with tax matters, and assisting lawyers involved with tax actions.


Gift, Trust & Estate Returns

Usually for higher net worth individuals with trusts and estates, we know the tricks and pitfalls to successfully account for and report gifts, the many trust types and estates.  We help eliminate worry with regard to these matters.

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