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Business Accounting For Taxes

In order to prepare a complete and accurate tax return, a business must first ensure that its accounting is complete and accurate.  The process of preparing a business tax return generally starts with the annual income statement and balance sheet of the business, then adjustments are made to comply with the regulations for preparing tax returns.  Our Firm assists with this process.

Further, within a business's income statement and balance sheet, an accounting must be made for tax items.  We help businesses determine their tax positions. We prepare or review their provisions for income and other taxes recorded on the income statement, and determination of tax assets and liabilities recorded on the balance sheet.  We also assist with the involved rules surrounding uncertain tax positions (recognition and measurement) and valuation allowances for deferred tax assets.  The rules surrounding accounting for taxes are generally found within Financial Accounting Standards Board's Accounting Standards Codification (ASC) No. 740 and various interpretations.

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