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Business Valuations

Determining the value of a business, asset or ownership right, requires a great deal of experience, financial knowledge and judgment.  Valuation has evolved into three basic approaches, each with many methods or techniques.  Because of the various subjective factors involved with applying the numerous methods and techniques, persons performing the valuation process often arrive at significantly different conclusions.  Further, in the business valuation arena, there are frequently two sides with diverse interests in the valuation conclusion, for example, the buyer and seller, the taxpayer and tax collector, the plaintiff and defendant, and the husband and wife in a divorce situation.  Therefore, when choosing a valuation professional, it is critical to consider the appraiser’s education and experience, the appraiser’s dedication to fully evaluate the many value drivers, and the appraiser’s ability to persuasively articulate the valuation process and conclusion.  As CPA’s accredited in business valuations, we believe we meet these requirements.

Our business valuation expertise is focused to the following areas:

  • Fair value measurements for financial reporting including:

  1. Purchase price allocation

  2. Derivatives

  3. Stock based compensation

  4. Impairment testing     

  • Overseas assets and cross border businesses

  • Mid-stream and up-stream oil & gas activities

  • Professional services firms

  • For tax purposes

Many business valuations require a highly specialized individual for success.  If we feel your valuation project is outside of our expertise, we will refer you to others in our profession for your consideration.

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