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Supplemental Templates


Here are the Supplemental Templates to accompany the Tax Organizer/Questionnaire in Intuit Link.  We use these templates to gather additional information necessary to prepare your 2020 tax returns.  Please fill out each template that corresponds to your circumstances, and save the file.  Upload the completed template back to us through Intuit Link or any other one of our File Transfer methods.


2020 - Templates List:

  • Rental Properties (EXL/PDF)

  • Child and Dependent Care Expenses (EXL/PDF)

  • Foreign Earned Income Exclusion and Foreign Housing Exclusion (EXL/PDF)

  • Foreign Bank Accounts, Virtual Currency and Foreign Financial Assets (EXL/PDF)

  • Home Office Expenses (EXL/PDF)

  • Retirement Plans (Updated Version: EXL/PDF; Old Version: EXL)

  • Business (EXL/PDF)

Due Diligence Requirements:  The Tax Cut and Jobs Act signed into law in December 2017 and other regulations require expanded due diligence requirements to claim certain tax credits and benefits on your 2020 tax return.  The expanded rules require us to send you personalized emails and/or schedule phone conversations to ensure that we have adequately document the required information.  We must ask questions to ensure you qualify and must document your responses to claim any of tax credits and benefits.  We use the following questionnaires to start this process: 

2020 - Due Diligence Questionnaires:

  • Child Tax Credit Due Diligence Questionnaire (EXL/PDF)

  • Head of Household Due Diligence Questionnaire (EXL/PDF)

  • American Opportunity Tax Credit Due Diligence Questionnaire (EXL/PDF)

Please contact us for the password to open the templates and questionnaires above.