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Recurring and Special Procedures

New and established businesses are required by the Uniform Commercial Code to keep adequate books and records of business activities.  We help with this requirement, from routine bookkeeping tasks, to account reconciliations, to complicated accounting.  We help businesses establish policies, procedures and controls, and train people regarding best practices.  We have tips for businesses of all sizes.


For businesses based overseas with U.S. affiliates or branches, or headquarters in another state, we as independent accountants, provide accounting and financial reporting services as requested by the home office.  We help to ensure adequate oversight, and that controls are in-place and monitored, then issue reports, and/or review management reports.  Monthly, quarterly or annually, we follow “agreed upon procedures” to meet business objectives.  While we are generally not auditors, we can assist with the internal and external audit functions, and perform pieces of an overall financial or operational audit.  We are often called upon to perform special procedures for unique situations. 

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