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Payroll & Benefits

We handle, or train our clients, regarding payroll processing, payroll tax, benefits and human resource reporting for federal and state compliance.  For new businesses, we set-up pay types, deduction amounts, payment directions, and other payroll details following the numerous regulations.  We work with several human resources firms and payroll processors including ADP.


Our Firm has extensive knowledge of employee benefit programs including retirement plans, cafeteria plans and healthcare savings plans.  We consult with small businesses to set-up plans, and then comply with the various funding and reporting requirements.  We also help business owners educate and enroll employees in plans.


For executives and businesses working internationally, we assist with tax equalization calculations, Totalization Agreements, bonus calculations, capturing foreign tax credit credits, and a myriad of HR matters for persons working overseas.

For individuals hiring nanny's, gardener's and other domestic workers, we can assist with the variety of rules to determine if an independent contractor arrangement exists and the corresponding issuance of annual Forms 1099.  If the worker is determined to be an employee, we can calculate special payrolls and ensure all the tax and reporting forms are properly prepared and timely submitted. 

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