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Outsourced Personnel Services
Personnel Services

With numerous, constantly changing rules and regulations to follow, projects to complete, and deadlines to meet, persons responsible for the finance, tax and accounting functions need people to get things done.  Further, many growing small- and mid-sized business do not need, and cannot afford in-house, full-time, senior level finance executives.  That’s where we fit in.  We offer part-time or full-time personnel to meet finance, tax and accounting requirements, from entry level staff, to controllers, to the CFO.  We also search for the right person to fill a position, or simply handle internet advertising for positions as requested by our clients, as well as other options.  As our client's grow, we are sometimes asked by business owners to interview potential candidates.  As a trusted advisor to our clients, we are often asked about compensation and benefit matters, including design and structuring of employment arrangements.  


Our experiences, resources (knowledge, qualified people, tools and systems) and commitment, will get the project addressed and done right.  Our practice is dedicated to outstanding and timely service.  Please contact us should you need an experienced professional to assist with any administrative function or search for the best candidate.

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