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Fiduciary Services

Clients trust us to handle funds on their behalf, or oversee cash receipts or cash disbursements, particularly for international transactions.  We can perform these services through a client's account, or we can offer our private dedicated accounts with complete transparency.  For current clients, we have an account that is open and can move funds quickly to meet a particular need.  


Here are some examples of fiduciary services we currently provide for some of our clients:

  • Verify cash receipts from sales into a lockbox account, and approve subsequent outbound transfers, including loan payments, for an overseas individual. 

  • Receive funds from an overseas parent corporation into a dedicated bank account and disburse funds to vendors and for payroll based on specific instructions from management. 

  • Oversee client's investment portfolio and approve new and changes to existing investments.  

Please contact us to discuss how we may assist with oversight and controls surrounding funds movement and investments.

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