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Business Planning

Our Firm is extensively involved with our client's business.  We take time to get to know the business owner's short- and long-term goals, and help define those goals when necessary.  We also work to define key factors to the success of a business, and then focus the business actions to utilize or address those factors.  We further assist with defining strategic direction by discussing alternatives and working on specific steps to point to the desired direction.


We have prepared many formal business plans for a variety of purposes over the years, from shorter executive summaries to extensive information memorandums.  Many of business plans are prepared to attract new investors or to solicit financing.  We have been successful preparing and presenting such plans, and helping our clients obtain debt and equity financing.  Our written business plans typically contain discussions of the business's markets, operations, management and finances.  We also discuss business opportunities, risks, advantages and weaknesses within business plans.


In addition, we help businesses with their planning by assisting with preparing reasonable budgets, projections and forecasts.  In this regard, we employ a variety of tools to meet the client's objective, including sophisticated software, spreadsheets and models.     

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